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A Team of Data Science Experts  

Our specialty is turning data into actionable insights with predictive & prescriptive analytics.

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 Build, deploy, and manage data and AI projects.

AI Decision Engine

Predictier is a python technology company that provides a  knowledge base and decision support platform for AI & ML evaluation and intervention incidents.

The AI engine utilizes machine learning to predict and providing guideline-based recommendations for teams intervention.

Gain Actionable Insights, Track, compare, and share your AI models.

Be the first to Know,
don’t wait, act. 

Optimize AI & ML

​Accelerate model development process with a python guided framework for AI and machine learning projects, including clustering, time series forecasting, computer vision tasks and more.

MLOps and DataOps

Deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models, data and projects in production.


We combine cutting-edge,

AI technologies infused with  best practices, computer science, and big data analytics to deliver prescriptive and actionable insights. 

Data Preparation

Our technology integrate together data sources , so nothing gets missed. We access, explore, and prepare project data in a shared space, using visual recipes, coding interfaces.

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AI Human Machine and  Causality Link Detection

Use our AI human machine end to end system, so you can understand root cause of potential suspicions, view investigation graphical insights, uncover hidden connections and network relational correlations for efficient investigations and management.  You can connect between shared indicators for current and other events and cross-reference to further reduce errors before the incident resolved.

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